KIll J - "Strange Fruits Of The Sea"

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Strange Fruits Of The Sea is a song about politics and propaganda. Yes, you read that right. KILL J has such a fierce passion for world peace with no sign of being cheesy. She's genuine. I'm confident we can all relate. This wish for peace isn't insignificant or fake. Not like the words you hear at a competitive and meaningless pageant. KIII J describes our entire society in one effective song of protest.

Here, let me share her words from her Facebook about the true meaning:

Borders, walls, barbed wire fences and people trying to survive on small boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Greed. Childish dictators with small hands. While some people dream of just surviving their journey across the borders, others dream of wealth and power at the expense of others.


Hold it down, Mama and listen now! You'll see what I mean. Share this track with everyone and support KIII J in any way you can. 

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Label: No3/Nettwerk Music Group // Hometown: Copenhagen // Genre: Alternative Pop // Upcoming album: “Superposition


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Top Tune: RIVAH - Cheerleader


Here's yet another single I can't get out of my head. The very beginning is a tad deceitful. I expected something ethereal and slow upon the very first seconds but no, no, no. This tune is fun and carefree! Eleven seconds in and I'm bopping my head, feeling alive and forever young. 

It's no mystery how RIVAH's single, Cheerleader, is classic pop. To be carefree and let loose especially in this constant backwards world we live in today, is a must. What's great is that this kind of modern pop is something serious not to take seriously. I lost you, eh? Let me explain to the best of my ability. 

You don't get too old for pop music. There is no age limit. It's NOT only for the young. When I said I felt alive with my first listen to Cheerleader, I meant it. It made me feel more youthful than my current thirty-two years. My heart skipped a beat. I wish this song had been around when I was an adolescent. At least I get to enjoy it now and reminisce.

It reminds me. Age is only a number. You can continue to listen to pop music even beyond your thirties! I've read before that the older you get, the less you listen to pop music. Well, I'm proof right here that that isn't true but also a massive myth. I thrive on pop music in fact. Pop music can be our fountain of youth. Exactly why I adore it in the first place. Do like me and take back your love of pop music. Remember, specific music only drifts away from your roots if you let it.

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In her words about Cheerleader:

I was getting my head around what the song was about and how to capture it,” she says on the single. “I wanted to write a love song that wasn’t about romantic love. I guess I’m singing what I want to hear said to me.


Solo Independent Artist // Brisbane-based // Main genre is Pop // Debut EP releases September

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Top Tune: TS Graye - MY2 (Murder U 2)

 Image lovingly borrowed from a Google search

MY2 by TS Graye is my song! Not yours but I'll let you borrow it a few. 😛 This is the one I've been spinning the most, guys. I almost didn't share because it is still unknown and would like to keep it all to myself. So, you're in for a real gem as it is unlike anything you've heard for a long time now. Promise. 
When you listen, you'll know hands down, like I do, that this (seventeen-year-old) woman should have the entire spotlight for herself. Artist of 2018! That's how grave (I hope you catch my inspired word choice there) I am about this damn good, no, f*cking great tune! Yes, blasphemy always makes something more significant. 

All in all, if your anything like me, and love a bad-ass tune from a kick-ass female then do your part. Share the hell out of this song so we can get her famous! She's up there with Dua Lipa whom she sounds similar to and maybe even better. 😮 Well-deserving, no doubt. 
Mind you; I won't dissect the song or give much of my two-cents. You need to devour immediately. Know this; I adore the song, with its wit and the total twisted rapture it bestows. ‘MY2’ is the debut track from Graye's EP available October this year

Now, get on it! Tune in below, take a breather, and repeat a thousand times over. I recommend you follow in that order.

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ash ♡


I wrote MY2 after finding out that someone I loved had broken my trust. It reflects the different and conflicting emotions I felt in the aftermath of that situation. At first, I play it off and try to fool myself that I’m cool with what has happened, but, in reality, I’m angry and hurting, hence the aggressive switch in the lyrics and production. I think you have to acknowledge and work through those feelings to accept the shit that happens and leave it in the past.
— TS Graye

Music Monday - W27|Y18

As you will soon realize when you get into the music below, I've adhered to a pure feminine vibe this Monday. You will meet six out-of-this-world women who are ridiculously talented (in a pleasant manner of course). I've been plotting this for a while now since I believe women need more belonging and exposure in this particular industry. I hope what you will soon hear conveys how moved I am by these six ferocious females!

Don't let me stand in your way anymore, get into all things! ♀

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Amy Guess

Never Come Back


Ay Wing

Strange ?



Blue Love


Alex Jayne

Miss Me

Music Monday - W25|Y18

Welcome to the second installment of Music Monday! I have some heavily-hypnotic songs for you tonight. All five songs below will combat the weekday feels. I'm in a psychedelic-pop-dreamy-house mood, and you'll soon hear what I've been craving and found. I hope they all pique your interest! Let me know your favorite line, track, hell, even the album artwork. All I wanna do is music. 🙌✌✨🎶  

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Plays with Fire



Shana Falana




Video Age

Paris to the Moon








Fault Line



P.S. As previously stated last Monday, I just could not find the time to add commentary to each track this time around either. One of these days! Life happens. You get the gist. -VB