Hey there, I'm Ash. So glad you're here!

Known as Music Before Breakfast on Ello. Still a member. Username is adachic. It's brilliant there.

WTF is Ello, you ask? Read here. I am also Lead for @ellomusic where I curate posts within the community. 


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After moving to Switzerland. I felt I needed a new and better identity for my platform. So Music Before Breakfast is... on holiday, indeed not killed off. Yet. (MBB would make a wonderful playlist title, eh?)

Then, during a simple dog walk with my Husband, Helvetune was born. A portmanteau of two words. Helvetia, the female national personification of Switzerland, and tune, because music. That and it sounds almost like hell of a tune, when said aloud, confirmed this to be the perfect name. The Helvetica typeface in the logo? You guessed it, not a coincidence!

The primary focus with Helvetune is the discovery of new music without borders. Not just one type of music either but a wide range of alternative. I have deep passion in the independent and underground sector. I listen to popular and older music, too, but that won't be the main focus here. Expect new, alternative, indie and mostly out of the mainstream. There are a few exceptions, especially artists I listen to before they become well-known. (Also, please support the artists by purchasing their music. I'm a huge advocate about this and include links to the artist's social links. For the love of music, just do it.

My purpose: is to help support and spread the message of musicians I feel are hugely talented and need more exposure.

My mission: is to loosen your ears and encourage you to put something new in your rotation. 


Remember, a song will seize you or it won't. It's all about the mood. The moment. And I hope to be in the right place at the right time to showcase the music you might otherwise miss. From my ears to yours.