Brilliant Music To Ring In The New Year

 Photo via Musicians  Facebook

Photo via Musicians Facebook


Is there another perfect way to start fresh than with a still largely unknown artist? In the wake of a rather disappointing 2016, let Djinn City properly ring in 2017.

Today was the first time I’ve heard of this duo. Consisting of Tim Mitronin and Aidar Khusnutdinov, from Russia. That’s all I could find about them. The mystery gives a great feeling of anticipation for the months to follow.

Right. The song. All I Wanna Do is their debut single, with warm words and sounds. It reminds me of a place with palm trees and a butternut-cotton-candy sky. The lyrics ring true to a pop song meant to move your state of mind to a happy place.

I’ll keep my eye on Djinn City for 2017 (and after that) with the hope that you enjoy their groove as much as I do.