Siwss Sounds | a=f/m - I'm Away On My Way


I'm so excited to present you with this musical duo, Rolf Laureijs and Belia Winnewisser.  α=f/m are officially on my watch list, and I cannot wait for their upcoming album, Download, available 17. March 2017.

Being newly acquainted with their music just this evening, I'm so glad it's now, not later. There's nothing that I adore more than D.I.Y. musicians - as I've read here on Just Because, about Rolf and Belia

The single I am sharing with you sounds worldly. For me, I hear art crying stars. It starts a dialogue; you listen to the song by feeling. Just like they had made it, by feeling. I'm not sure where α=f/m got their inspiration for I'm Away On My Way, but that is where the sound takes me. I've lived those lyrics. It's just mesmerizing. Brilliant. Every good word of which I can think, I've thought of it. Even more words come to mind with each new replay. I'd name them all, but not only would I run out of space, I'd also bore you to pieces... and we don't want that, do we? Hit play before my enthusiasm scares you away.

I hope you enjoy as much as I do. From my ears to yours.