Maggie Rogers - On + Off

 Photo by  Katia Temkin

Photo by Katia Temkin

Maggie Rogers speaks to me with her songs in fragments. I feel so many things at once when I hear her voice. With every replay, something new pops up in my brain. Her latest single On + Off makes me feel happy, hits the spot, and "Hey, I feel what you feel, too!" This single is more upbeat than her usual. You want to dance and sway, connect with every beat. You can relate to Maggie because she sings from the center of our very being. She's an extraordinary kind of artist, and that's difficult to achieve these days. Beyond brilliant. 

Don't miss Maggie's 'Now That The Light Is Fading' EP. It arrives on 17. February 2017

Now in the meantime, let Maggie "take you to that place."