The Girl With All The Gifts - Film Score

Sometimes, it would be great not to think or have a mind at all. I'm one to get overwhelmed fast. Snap your fingers. That quick. You show me a thrill of a film with a beautiful soundtrack I become an hourglass devoid of sand.

When I write about music I adore, it's most difficult to be elaborate. Music you love makes you speechless and most of the time, for me anyway, indefinable. That's why within these features my goal is to suck you in with a few paragraphs and let the music do the rest. I do this by using sentences I'd put in my poems such as the above sentence, "I become an hourglass devoid of sand."

What am I getting at here? Well, I don't know. What I am about to share with you is too damn beautiful. It's the perfect soundtrack to your lifetime of dreams and nightmares. And it affects me personally. Maybe you too? 

Composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer is ingenious if you don't already know. This film score is one to own on vinyl. I cannot wait to own a copy myself! The 2xLP will be available in February. But no exact date has been given just yet. Oh and this is quite important to know, the record is limited and only on the Mondo website aka Death Waltz Recording.  

I hope you enjoy and indulge as much as I am.