Simeon Walker - Preface EP

Simeon Walker's Preface is atmospheric. Soft on the ears and good for the mind. Music to which you couldn't listen enough. There's an earnest sense to explore within yourself, personal experiences and longing. The music becomes articulate.  Each piece is parallel to a breath of fresh air. My favorite song is Awake.  It's rich yet subtle. Illuminates a path as if you can arrive where you've been trying to reach for quite some time now. 

After a full listen to the entire EP, you succumb to Simeon's mastery and repeat, loop for hours on end. At least for me, this is the outcome. The piano is an exquisite work of art. A magical bridge for the fingers. For the ears, the motherland of all musical instruments. Moves you far beyond any words you could use to describe. Brilliant.

Simeon will release a new piece for Piano Day. This day is a worldwide celebration of the Piano every 88th day of the year (because of the number of keys on the instrument). So mark your calendars for 29 March 2017

From my ears to yours,


Released on 7 July 2016 by 1631 Recordings