Swiss Sounds | Serafyn - Morning Tea

Image via Serafyn's Official Website

It all started on the street for this five-piece band, Serafyn. Their latest, Morning Tea, is one to lift you up. Gentle emotional soundscapes, created to fill the heart. Grant the ears harmonic ease. The fusion of folk and pop is beautiful. Beyond beautiful. Serafyn takes you to a new yet very familiar place at once. A powerful combination, of wonder and nostalgia. Many of us can relate, especially when we humans socialize over a warm beverage. It's like we're all in this together. That's what makes Morning Tea a big hit in my musical repertoire. We have a part in their song.

Who: Anna Erhard: Vocals/Guitar, Anja Waldkircher: Vocals/Cello, Alexandra Werner: Vocals/Cello, J.J. Loew: Drums/Percussion, Lucas Loew: Double Bass

Where: Basel, Switzerland (CH)

What: Latest Single

When: Taken from their Debut Album Foam | 10 Feb. 2017

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