The Astral Factor LP - GooMar

 Cover Art by  Jo Ber

Cover Art by Jo Ber

Do you find yourself in need to vacate the earth as of late? With all the recent world events, it's hard to get away, even on holiday? When it comes to things being shit, I say, find refuge in this out-of-the-world kind of music. The timing of GooMar's latest release, The Astral Factor LP, is perfect. Helps you get lost as if you're above the earth and in the cosmos. Excellent with headphones mind you, to get away with the sounds the best way possible. At least until something or someone pulls you back from all the beautiful stardust sounds.

The Astral Factor echoes in my mind long after I have put my headphones away. I couldn't wait to wake again and listen today. (I have the LP loop as I type this out.) Sends me forth to wonder, contemplate and set free the inner hollows of my mind. Still, there is a mystery, and I'm not sure if it could ever stop being mysterious - no matter how many times you hear The Astral Factor

GooMar, you brilliant music man. Thank you. Allow me to tip my hat a thousand times over.

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