Top Tune Today: Coconuts | Anna Wise

 Photo via  Bandcamp

Photo via Bandcamp

Aaah yes. A gorgeous new tune, Coconuts, from Anna Wise and what I believe will be an impressive album that is on its way soon.

Anna is a fascinating woman. Read her Facebook post about the video-making to Coconuts. (I've included the video as well, at the bottom.) And you will soon realize this about her. It's undeniable, her passion for equality, but also, her passion for women to be proud and believe in who they already are. When it comes to women in music these days, Anna is a definite one to embody and celebrate.

If you like your music with jazz undertones and hypnotic soul-swaying beats, this treasure of a tune is especially for you. Not to mention, an otherworldly mixture of electronic elements and fluid voice murmurs. You're in for a heap of ear-treats. 

P.S. The coda is even glorious.

Who: Anna Wise - Singer & Songwriter

Where: Brooklyn, NY

What: Single off the upcoming The Feminine: Act II Album

When: 17. February 2017

Social Links: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter