Top Tune Today: Say | Hoyle

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Hoyle's second single Say is indie-rock at it's finest! Such a deep and serious vibe about love with some 80's synth appeal. Don't act like you haven't been there with love, too. If you're in the mood for a bit of a dark and medium-fast tune with lyrics like whoa: 

Sing it out in your native tongue
Are you lying, where I’m cheating
Prophesy, you’re a loaded gun
But my demons, they come shooting

Then, my friend, you have the perfect hit right here. Are you like me and also adore those little quirky sounds in songs? Such as people talking (2:56) and the part at 1:58 how he sings "it made me see you." I'll repeat myself, then you have the perfect hit right here.

Don't wait any longer, get into it below!


Who: Nathan Beam, Patrick Chin, Corey Chin, AP Harris

Where: Orlando, FL

What: Latest Single

When: 28 February 2017 | New Album out 3 March 2017

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