"Don't Look Back" - Dia

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You know that flicker of a moment in a song. Where you fall hard on the feelings provoked? How the song becomes your own as much as the musicians? Together, the cells in your body dance to the jolt of pulsing new blood flow? It turns out that that moment becomes your entire life soundtrack. A song this strong starts as a garden. Then, becomes an eternal paradise. Forever beautiful and new every time you hear it. As I type this, tears swell and sail down my cheeks. It's the awe of Dia's wounded strength. Her syntax helps us experience Don't Look Back more deeply. Dia sings the words we've thought throughout our entire abbreviated lives. Not a constant current but a good part of a capricious movement. Those times we are humans in love. Who choose waves crashing any way the wind blows during storms of unstable emotions. If you don't steer away, everything will be okay. You have to face the current that flows for us all.

"Golden Years" Water Color by Vil Luangraj

Who: Dia Frampton

Where: St. George, Utah

What: Single from latest Album Bruises

When: Album Released 3 March 2017


Stream: Spotify

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