BATTS EP - Vinyl Review

The creatives over at Turntable Kitchen were right when they said BATTS is an artist you need to hear. Not sure how Tanya Batt slipped through the cracks on my part. I'm a fan seconds into first listen. The dreamy astronomical sounds make you want to wave your body like a poet's dance.  Every song emits hypnotic-like energy; your hands begin to raise and sway to the power of sonic waves. Makes you feel something beyond yourself.

Side A begins with Morals, an atmospheric tone. Gives off a sort of haunt of the unknown, a fantasy realm in itself. It feels like the plot of a Sci-Fi film. Listen to the chorus; you hear this spacey ringing sound as if it's counting down to the time when they'll know.

I enjoy the unknown and never knowing. Morals is my favorite of the four singles because it's difficult for me to decipher. As a writer of poetry, the best parts aren't clear, interpret what it means to you, and it's as if the song is yours.

Next up is For That, I'm Sorry, and it's a crestfallen love of a song. We've all been there, and if not, we'll get to this particular point of humble apologies. I love the breathing space from the get-go. Lyrics wrapped in inhales and exhales. Breaths refresh at every remorseful arrangement of the chorus - For that, I’m sorry. I hear a distant "Hey," in the background during the chorus as well. The spacey synth sounds make BATTS exceptional. It's her thing. It's all these little extras that bring this song to mean more and become grand to human nature.

Side B begins with Lie To Me, love gone sour, and it still stings. You can hear the excess of pain and understand the hurt when wronged by someone you trusted. This track is more of a Blues and R&B sound; it's perfect for the context. Space bubble synths release throughout the entire song. It's a kind of distinct infinity - making the sounds stick with you long after you finish listening.

Last but not least, we have Kiki, and this one sustains my wonder on how much hurt a person can harbor? I've concluded you write about it to release all the pain away. You'll never be alone because BATTS writes it and sings it for you. Kiki hurts, so you don't have to in this wistful cutting tune meant to make you feel something beyond the pain. Carries you through to the next phase of letting go.

Every song on this record is a raging paradise of dreamy relativity and devotion. You need to sit down in headphone solitary. Let the words and sounds envelop all your senses into a trail of stardust. Take it upon yourself the freedom to proceed as you will in the music—beside BATTS.

- - ◈ - -

Now, about the vinyl, it's so damn beautiful and is my favorite record from Turntable Kitchen so far. I mean, I adore the ones before but color-wise, what a stunner! There is also a special edition of 175 copies to Gold Club Members. You have to subscribe to get one (if still available). BATTS is my fourth record from Turntable Kitchen, and I've chosen to pair the records with their coffee bean selections. Every pairing has been divine, and I'm deeply impressed every time. I can't recommend Turntable Kitchen enough, give it a go. What I adore most about this vinyl subscription service is the exclusivity! I have number 219 of 425 of BATT's EP. All four singles are exclusive to this vinyl. You can make the difficult decision between the Pairings Box or their coffee and vinyl subscription service. They also have a new subscription for pre-order, Sounds Delicious. If you love musicians who cover music, then this is for you.

Happy Listening! From my ears to yours.