Swiss Sounds: Black Sea Dahu


Zürich-based band Black Sea Dahu has given us quite the full tune. In Case I Fall for You brings so much emotion to the listener you may need to sit down for this one. If this is the first you hear of the band, I recommend you dim the lights, wrap your ears in headphones and prepare to let this harmonic and intense group subdue you until your insides ache.

Black Sea Dahu will release their debut LP entitled White Creatures on the 12th, October 2018.

Enjoy below. From my ears to yours,


- - ◈ - -


P.S. Swiss Sounds is a title I thought up to showcase the talent based in Zürich, Switzerland, where I call my home. We may be a small country but there is more to us than chocolate and watches. The music scene is a melting pot here and always a surprise because most people think only of Yodelling or Rock/Metal music when it comes to the Swiss music scene. As you can hear above, there's so much more out there. Just dip deeper, immerse yourself in the culture and you'll find what I discover.