Music Monday - W25|Y18

Welcome to the second installment of Music Monday! I have some heavily-hypnotic songs for you tonight. All five songs below will combat the weekday feels. I'm in a psychedelic-pop-dreamy-house mood, and you'll soon hear what I've been craving and found. I hope they all pique your interest! Let me know your favorite line, track, hell, even the album artwork. All I wanna do is music. 🙌✌✨🎶  

From my ears to yours,



- - ◈ - -



Plays with Fire



Shana Falana




Video Age

Paris to the Moon








Fault Line



P.S. As previously stated last Monday, I just could not find the time to add commentary to each track this time around either. One of these days! Life happens. You get the gist. -VB