Top Tune: TS Graye - MY2 (Murder U 2)

 Image lovingly borrowed from a Google search

MY2 by TS Graye is my song! Not yours but I'll let you borrow it a few. ๐Ÿ˜› This is the one I've been spinning the most, guys. I almost didn't share because it is still unknown and would like to keep it all to myself. So, you're in for a real gem as it is unlike anything you've heard for a long time now. Promise. 
When you listen, you'll know hands down, like I do, that this (seventeen-year-old) woman should have the entire spotlight for herself. Artist of 2018! That's how grave (I hope you catch my inspired word choice there) I am about this damn good, no, f*cking great tune! Yes, blasphemy always makes something more significant. 

All in all, if your anything like me, and love a bad-ass tune from a kick-ass female then do your part. Share the hell out of this song so we can get her famous! She's up there with Dua Lipa whom she sounds similar to and maybe even better. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Well-deserving, no doubt. 
Mind you; I won't dissect the song or give much of my two-cents. You need to devour immediately. Know this; I adore the song, with its wit and the total twisted rapture it bestows. โ€˜MY2โ€™ is the debut track from Graye's EP available October this year

Now, get on it! Tune in below, take a breather, and repeat a thousand times over. I recommend you follow in that order.

From my ears to yours,
ash โ™ก


I wrote MY2 after finding out that someone I loved had broken my trust. It reflects the different and conflicting emotions I felt in the aftermath of that situation. At first, I play it off and try to fool myself that Iโ€™m cool with what has happened, but, in reality, Iโ€™m angry and hurting, hence the aggressive switch in the lyrics and production. I think you have to acknowledge and work through those feelings to accept the shit that happens and leave it in the past.
โ€” TS Graye