Top Tune: RIVAH - Cheerleader


Here's yet another single I can't get out of my head. The very beginning is a tad deceitful. I expected something ethereal and slow upon the very first seconds but no, no, no. This tune is fun and carefree! Eleven seconds in and I'm bopping my head, feeling alive and forever young. 

It's no mystery how RIVAH's single, Cheerleader, is classic pop. To be carefree and let loose especially in this constant backwards world we live in today, is a must. What's great is that this kind of modern pop is something serious not to take seriously. I lost you, eh? Let me explain to the best of my ability. 

You don't get too old for pop music. There is no age limit. It's NOT only for the young. When I said I felt alive with my first listen to Cheerleader, I meant it. It made me feel more youthful than my current thirty-two years. My heart skipped a beat. I wish this song had been around when I was an adolescent. At least I get to enjoy it now and reminisce.

It reminds me. Age is only a number. You can continue to listen to pop music even beyond your thirties! I've read before that the older you get, the less you listen to pop music. Well, I'm proof right here that that isn't true but also a massive myth. I thrive on pop music in fact. Pop music can be our fountain of youth. Exactly why I adore it in the first place. Do like me and take back your love of pop music. Remember, specific music only drifts away from your roots if you let it.

From my ears to yours;


In her words about Cheerleader:

I was getting my head around what the song was about and how to capture it,” she says on the single. “I wanted to write a love song that wasn’t about romantic love. I guess I’m singing what I want to hear said to me.


Solo Independent Artist // Brisbane-based // Main genre is Pop // Debut EP releases September

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