KIll J - "Strange Fruits Of The Sea"

Cover Art by Siegel Design

Strange Fruits Of The Sea is a song about politics and propaganda. Yes, you read that right. KILL J has such a fierce passion for world peace with no sign of being cheesy. She's genuine. I'm confident we can all relate. This wish for peace isn't insignificant or fake. Not like the words you hear at a competitive and meaningless pageant. KIII J describes our entire society in one effective song of protest.

Here, let me share her words from her Facebook about the true meaning:

Borders, walls, barbed wire fences and people trying to survive on small boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Greed. Childish dictators with small hands. While some people dream of just surviving their journey across the borders, others dream of wealth and power at the expense of others.


Hold it down, Mama and listen now! You'll see what I mean. Share this track with everyone and support KIII J in any way you can. 

From my ears to yours, -a- ✌



Label: No3/Nettwerk Music Group // Hometown: Copenhagen // Genre: Alternative Pop // Upcoming album: “Superposition


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