Welcome to week six! My usual 22 tracks within the Hearizons compilation has now hit twenty-six tracks. This week holds a boat load of marvelous new music. It's clear I could not stay to the limit. Most of the artists are new to me besides Goldfrapp and Flora Cash. Don't have the time to listen through right now? The top two tunes you cannot miss are Bonfire by Woodes and Nervous by Magic Bronson. Not to imply the rest are not as great but if I had to choose, those are the two most promising. I listen to all kinds of music (besides country, metal, opera, punk). And what I hear during a full week cannot fit into one limited genre but a huge array of subgenres. So, listen with open ears. You never know, something you may think to dislike might be something you very much like indeed.

Enjoy. And thanks for being here.

From my ears to yours.