Welcome to the fifth installment of Hearizons. Get ready for a fresh batch of discoveries including a new genre I've personally been introduced to this week, Wassoulou. Listen now, the West African gem: Yere Faga by Oumou Sangaré ft. Tony Allen.

These Hearizons mixes, as always, have no straight genre. You'll hear some indie, psychedelic rock and soul, folk, experimental, electronic, dance, indie hip-hop, rock, alternative, and soul. 

Short on time? The top two tunes you should not miss are Ícaro by Santi. And Congenial Man by Okey Dokey. Mind you, Congenial Man says to be seven months old on SoundCloud, but Okey Dokey, in fact, will release their debut album Love You, Mean It on 3 March 2017 as it had been a private playlist on SC.

Let these tunes hit you right, and perhaps you keep a few tracks in your rotation.