It's that time again for the best tunes of the week on Helvetune! This one being the sixth Hearizons installment.

2017 has so far been an excellent time to release new material. If I'm falling behind on all the great new music, you know that's a good sign. When curating these playlists, I find it difficult to keep it to my 22 tracks. Monday through Friday I discover up to five to ten exceptional songs each day. Whew. No complaints, only wish for more time. Eh?

Right. Now, let us get on with the music. If you don't know by now, I had an interview with an awesome new duo from Russia. Their band name is Djinn City and if you still haven't read the interview yet, click here. Aidar sent me a message of their latest single, and of course, it's the first to play in this week's playlist. The track name is Red. Red is a soft pop vibe but also a song you can sway your body when listening. So smooth and an instant mood-lifter.

With that, get into all things. Much to discover shortly. From my ears to yours.