My son was on Spring Break, so for the previous two weeks, my shares of music were very limited and even non-existent for one whole week. Felt good to take a break I must tell you. I am one to get easily overwhelmed and need time away quite often. I'd love to post to my blog more regularly, but it's been a struggle to balance work, family, life, and then my side project, Helvetune.  Sometimes, I even forget to sit back and enjoy the music myself. So, I did just that the other day. No obligations, no blog related work, just me and the music. Not even collecting tracks, making lists, and so forth. 

There is a song you must know about that I am stoked to share. Have you heard of the band Grizzly Bear? Well, they haven't shared anything for five years! The time is finally here, and it's about time, damn.

Right. Let's get into ALL of the music now. Ready for me to satisfy your ears? I've prepared plenty impressive, marvelous, quirky, underrated, fresh tunes. As always, from my ears to yours.

P.S. Before I sign off, what did I miss last week? Let me know your jam(s). I love to find out what moves you.