Are you ready for music you might have missed this week? So many good tunes await. May is turning out to be an excellent month for new music. It's been a real treat so far. I'm excited for the coming months, no doubt there will be even more major ear goods, and there will be no way to keep up. But you know me, I'll try to anyway.

So, I rarely share remixes (I prefer originals). But I have one remix this week you must listen to, and it's in this week's Hearizons playlist. The groovin' chill track is Goodbye. It's originally by the Scratch Bandits Crew, remixed by ElektroBin.

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing an Album Review of ElektroBin's latest album. I've been conversing with him through FB, and he's such a rad guy. His music is tip top, hard to define and worldly. 

Ah, I wish to add commentary to each track I feature. You'll have to take my word for these weekly playlists and hear for yourself. Get into it below. I'm sure at least one track will stick with you. From my ears to yours.