It's still hard to believe how much new music emerges with every passing week. No matter what day it is or what time it is I can always find at least one new musician or band. For me, hopefully, you too, it's beyond the music. It's a lifestyle. Music goes beyond listening.

I've been thinking a lot, and if you know me, that isn't much of surprise. I always wonder if my blog brings any purpose and what I should do to make it even more than music recommendations. I have no idea, not yet at least. I've given podcasts and videos some thought. Still, I'm more of the behind the scenes type of person. I'll let you know as soon as I know.

More than anything, I hope you, (who so happens to read my blog) gets something out of this. 

Right. Let's talk about some of the music makers I've rounded up this last week. I've featured the band Saintseneca before back in December. Check it out here

Their new single is "Book Of The Dead On Sale." My only gripe is that I wish it were longer. Great song, makes you think. You can always count on Saintseneca for original lyrics. And yet all the while relatable, too.

Another good one you can't miss that is obscure, fun and whimsical is "Why?!steria" by Kalbells. You will hear whistling and what seems to be Coyote's howling. Anything peculiar and you can count me in.

There is plenty more to discover. I recommend you begin as soon as possible. I'm sure you will find something to keep in rotation. From my ears to yours.