I've been thinking a lot about context when listening to music. Such as being in a different place than how and where you usually listen to music. Right now I'm out of my office space and put myself in a new setting. Outside. It feels liberating. Like I am releasing my senses to do as they please. Which reminds me, are you familiar with the TV show Sense 8? If you are, you know the scenes of the lovely blonde DJ, with headphones, sitting. Enveloped by nature and a beautiful view of the city below her? (If not, you are missing out on a brilliant TV series with an excellent music score.) 

I'm not sure where I am going within this post. I guess I am moving beyond only music recommendations and want to make this more about a musical lifestyle. How every little thing I do, a piece of a melody comes to mind. A memory of certain lyrics of a particular time in the past becomes present again. How I'll always remember this moment because of the song(s) of which I'm listening. Memories that bring the piece of music alive again and again. I'll remember this playlist, the setting, my thoughts. An empty coffee cup next to me, bamboo leaves move through a slight warm breeze and the view of my lush green neighborhood in Spring. It's all about the context. It is how you make it. 

I hope you are ready for some fantastic music in need of more exposure because I've gathered the best. Time well spent once again. Can't wait until next week.

From my ears to yours.