January's Playlist

Here's a roundup of the very best I heard this month! Press play and enjoy. Comment your thoughts & feelings if you must. I love to know and connect! ✌🎶

From my ears to yours,


1) "Quit the Curse" by Anna Burch
2) "Loving You" by Jonathan Wilson
3) "Rewind" by Candace
4) "Plinth" by NADINE
5) "Heart" by Jessie Early
6) "Quartz in the Valley" by H.C. McEntire
7) "Come One" by Deidre & the Dark
8) "Stay With Me" by Astrolemo
9) "Almost 20" by INBAL
10) "Serve Somebody" by DUETS AND STUFF
11) "Give it Up" by There's Talk
12) "Colored Noise" by Bed Scene
13) "Nothing New" Charlotte Day Wilson
14) "There Are a Thousand" by Helena Deland
15) "Post Office" by Wendyfix
16) "Our Land" by Alexis Krauss & The Our Land Collective
17) "Maria También" by Khruangbin
18) "Love in the Modern Age" by Josh Rouse
19) "Homeless" by Snorri Hallgrímsson
20) "Exaltation" by Salad Boys
21) "Teenage Dream" by Black Light White Light
22) "Ghosts of Our Past" by Derrival (ft. Sarah Jeffery)
23) "This Is My Soul" (Demo) by Whim
24) "Fake Nice" by The Aces
25) "Wake" by TYPHOON
26) "Der Mond" by Rocco Vice
27) "Low Life" by Soleima
28) "How Simple" by Hop Along
29) "All Time What" by They Might Be Giants
30) "Proof Of Desire" by Tango With Lions
31) "Dependence Day" by Generifus