Happy first week of June, everyone. Your new-music-prescriptions are here, take a chance, take a chance. Plenty to discover. I'm pretty confident you have no idea these awesome producers of music exist until now. These songs will cure and enhance your mood because I have no doubt on my end - there is something for everyone. I hope you like at least one song so much that the instant it begins you have to hear it to the end.   

A bit off topic, is there a particular type of playlist you'd like me to compile? Let me know, don't hesitate as I am all ears and open to experiment. I could make this a recurring thing. Give me a title and leave the rest up to me. I'll choose one lucky person each month. For example. I've been collecting songs in a new personal playlist. I named it: "You Need Friends Who Listen To This Kind Of Music." A bit long but I have a point to make.  

Right, I'll let you get into all things now.

From my ears to yours. 

P.S. Yep, twenty-four tracks this week instead of my usual twenty-two.