Welcome to week thirty-seven of Hearizons!


Hey, hey you! Long time no words. I am so glad you're still here. I've been quiet and haven't been writing much. (Don't remind me.) I'm at a crossroads in life and what I'm doing with this music thing. Not only do I want to find and share the music I come across but I also want to dive deeper into the writing. Real writing that intends something with a lot more meaning than just liking something. I guess more or less, music journalism. But I'm a long way from even being able to state that's who I am or what I do. I like storyteller better.

In the meantime, please continue to listen to my playlists. Support the artists you keep pressing that re-play button to as well. I still spend hours listening to music and curating only the best and underplayed. Music connects us, and I have to contribute somehow to influence you to hear the lesser known. It's my passion. Always. That's the power music has on me.

Now get into all the ear-worthy treats below. 👇